onsdag 18. februar 2009

Vader parts incoming.

Been a long time since I updated this blog.
And as time has passed, I've gone and gotten a few more parts for my Vader.
What I've got so far, as you can see from the picture, is this:
Chestarmour (Shoulder bells are returned to be repainted ANH style.)
Chestbox (Need to work on the strapping)
Shinarmour (Need to work on the strapping)
MR Lightsaber

The leather bodysuit is coming any day now, so I'm really excited. Made in Argentina after my measurements. Should be a perfect fit.

tirsdag 30. desember 2008

TK-7060 going Sith!

I got a fantastic christmaspresent this year. A great starter kit for my new costume:

The kit contained: Helmet, Gloves, Cod-piece and a sound board.
Still å lot to get, but this is sooo cool. A really nice helmet.
Fiber-glass, but still light. A fan inside to keep cool.
Just look at this beauty:

And a little one of a Vader relaxing after a stressfull Christmas